Rabu, 27 Maret 2013

Nice Gesture

Not having a publisher to help push the sales along it was really nice to read an article about my book and Chris Knighton's charity on an American Website.

Please have a look here  to read the comments, pretty nice to when even Chris gave a short interview

What better person could we have as an ambassador than Jan, a true mesothelioma survivor, and indeed it is us at MKMRF who are humbled and honoured to have her on board,” said Chris on naming Jan ambassador.

Read more: http://www.mesotheliomahelp.net/blog/2013/03/mesothelioma-survivor-jan-egerton-pens-book-to-raise-research-funds#ixzz2Oj9Sb4T1

I have a couple of mistakes so spent yesterday trying to correct them only to find that I can't reload the book but have to down load and amend.  I had changed my own copy and reformatted the entire document so all those errors I had found originally I have no record of.  I had nothing to compare it to that would make life easy, re-formatting made the new compare a difficult tool to use instead of an easy one for words.

Enjoy the downfall of snow, after getting the heating back up and running on Monday, being an old property it took till late yesterday to start warming up.  Looks like we are back in for a cold spell but I need to go in the office, would rather hibernate with my log fire!

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