Minggu, 26 Mei 2013

Heat and Blue Skies

Yesterday morning we woke to sunshine flooding the bedroom, although outside was still a little cool, but Yes I thought, Sunshine.
I had overslept so my body ached badly, especially my back and leg, together with my normal torso feeling of the body being compacted.  But a couple of coffee's later and of course checking what is happening in the world I was ready to face the day.
Hubby was sat outside, he came in with the papers but a look on his face that told me something was wrong, Lexi has another growth.  We both had a quick shower then straight to the vets, yes it will probably be cancerous, the last one was.  The only worry is it could have spread to her lungs, she is panting a lot but then she is nearly 12 but nevertheless the lump will be removed.  We had also found a small nodule on the back of her foot, we didn't think this serious but our vet told us these were things that caused dogs to lose a leg.  He will take a biopsy of this one too.  One bit of good news the pile that is giving her grief may be able to be removed, so at least she will get some benefit from the operation.
We came home and took them both over the woods, the sun was warmish, not too hot for Lexi.  Both her and I are like little old women, in the case of Lexi I guess she is.  We both took the walk slowly around the field and through the woods.  The grass is really growing now but was quite wet, the ponds still flooded so heavy boots required to keep my toes dry. 

We headed home for lunch then an afternoon in the garden, hubby cutting he lawn, me proof reading The Vial.  This is the time I wish I had an editor or agent, as I have two other books I have started, one another in the series of Bear Boy and another about my own journey through life and meso.  Not sure whether I would publish the latter though.

As we sat in the heat of the afternoon sun we had an ice pop each, Bear sat in front of me the entire time so I had to share.
I love Ice Lollies!
But cold on his stomach isn't a good mixture, so after eating half my ice pop he consequently threw up, thankfully not over me.

Hubby brought out some crisps, again he begged, drooling like it was going out of fashion for a Newfoundland.  My clean clothes are in the wash!
More Please!
If he could have put his nose in the bag he would have done.

Well it looks like nice weather again today.  Why is it though when its hot I feel like I should be doing house work or sorting drawers out, I think when I was living at home sunny days always made for more housework or a good clean out.
I was supposed to be in the Sunday Sun today regarding the release of The DreamWeaver's Choice and why the Tissue bank is so important and of course MKMRF.  I have done two interviews for this paper previously.  As the paper man hasn't been as yet I don't know whether it has been included.
Well that's all from the Sunny North East of England, no doubt we will be a couple of degrees cooler than those down South but at least for once we have some sun!

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