Rabu, 22 Mei 2013

Poor hubby

Having a rotten time with my leg\back\heal\shoulders and head I feel so bad for hubby, he started with a raging sore throat over the weekend finally going to the doctors on Tuesday to get a strong dose of antibiotics.
He looks so sad, unable to swallow and drink, but why is it men seem to look more sad and unable to do things than us women.  I hate the fact he has had to run after me while I couldn't walk but I don't think my demure (for want of a better word) was as sad or is as sad as his.
Men are certainly wired differently to us, hence why men deal with mesothelioma so differently than the growing number of women who have it.
I have managed to go to work this week, although yesterday I could have stayed home.  I went to the physio on Monday and I swear what the one on Thursday put right she has put wrong again, I just want this whole problem to go away but it does seem two steps forward and one step back. 
One good thing about hubby being ill he won't move from in front of the TV so he waited patiently for the article on Mesothelioma being discussed in the House of Commons, after some two hours it was brought up for less than 3 seconds, only to be passed to the House of Lords.  Well I am pleased he watched it and not I!
It seems the government are looking to put compensation in place for those who haven't an company they can seek compensation from.  I was hoping the debate was going to be on spending more money for much needed research.
I have heard from a gentleman in Germany who is looking at the following treatment for a family member,  although another USA product it seems like the trials will go international.

I am not sure whether this is something that is being developed in Wales under a different pharmaceutical company.
Guess that's all from me today, another day in the office but my do I wish I could put my feet up.  At least I can walk again.


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