Rabu, 17 Juli 2013

What a shock!

I went to the docs expecting a prescription instead I got one but sent for an X Ray.  I was going to put it off as I had left a lot of work on my desk prior to going to the doctors but thought oh well I'm out of the office may as well just go and get it done now.  Picked hubby up on the way and off we went to BA.

My little friend Jean was on, she usually does my scans for me, she was surprised I was there for an Xray and took me in.  Something she said after the Xray made me think I will be sat waiting, she said is your GP sorting it out Jan or are we.  Then she sent me back out and asked me to take a seat and wait. 
I have met Dr Orr once before, a long time ago when I had my drain insitu and instead of my fluid draining it built up.  He has read 99% of all my scans at Bishop and probably knows my insides better than I do.  He was waiting for me inside the room when Jean took me back inside.  I had fluid on the right side.  As I didn't realise it was Dr Orr at first I said but I do have new meso growth in there and these symptoms are like 2000.  He said I know you have new growth but this looks more like a pulmonary embolism than the meso.  He then ran the doctors who organised my admittance into Darlington.  I really just can't understand why I couldn't just be referred for an immediate scan (like on TV!) but the NHS doesn't always work A to B does it.  What made me worry more was the look on Jean's face.
We arrived on the ward and went through the hour worth of questions, it was to my amazement the nurse was the first student nurse who knew and could spell the word Mesothelioma.  For that I gave her a gold star.  Then 2 hours later a junior doctor arrived and went through the same questions. 
It was difficult to say what is going on because I have a cold, my back hurts, my stomach is extended, my chest pain could be the hernia or was it something else.  My heaviness does come and go.  The shortness of breath - it could have been the weather and also I did have one or two episodes on the cruise.  I was told that the scan wouldn't be done unless the bloods showed it would be required, but no bloods had been taken either.  After nearly 3 hours the blood was taken and I was informed it would take another 2 hours for the results.  Hubby left me for an hour to come and feed the dogs, I told him to have a break, he looked wrecked, and I felt tired by then, the heat on the ward was some 29 degrees and no breeze.  As I was no longer required I had a walk down to the small garden at the front and pulled my book out but the bee's soon sent me back to my room.
The head doctor came to visit around 6 ish and told me that my markers were high and all signs pointed to the embolism.  We went through a little of my history again and he said based on my ecg he would never normally let me leave a hospital ward but as I have history and he didn't know whether all what was reported was old he would let me come home.  We are always better at home than in hospital.  I had the injection in my stomach to help thin the blood then we were on our way.  Unfortunately I had to cancel my back appointment, I hope I can get that sorted sooner than later as once back at work on Monday it has gone crazy again.
I am due back at 11.30 for a scan and hopefully will not be readmitted but treated by a course of tablets or injections.  I did tell them I was concerned about my tummy too, maybe if there is fluid in the right lung I could be carrying fluid in the stomach.  I think my tummy did fall on deaf ears though. I know one thing, I don't think I am mentally strong enough to revisit the journey my body went through from October 2000 until August 2004.
This morning I woke up with a headache from hell, my vision is blurry, chest tight but no stitch on my right side when I breathe. 
Its funny really as this is the first time I have flown and not had any aches in my left calf!  Maybe that was an omen.  Usually you have aches when you have a PE, me I get them after every flight!
This means for the future I will never be able to fly and visit new found friends in Australia.  It is a country I would really love to see but living longer is more important I guess.  It always worries me when I hear Lou (Lou Williams - Meso Warrior) is flying somewhere.  I think the meso plays up rather than an embolism. 
To finish I am posting a picture of new friends met on the boat who come from the UK but now live in Brisbane and who knew Lou's name and follow her articles in the newspapers.

Ann, Ashley, Hubby & I, our last night

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