Sabtu, 07 September 2013

Ct Scan Done

I didn't get any relief from my bloated stomach on Friday but to ensure they can see what is going on inside my insides, I had a Scan done at Woodlands last night.

Today is hubby's birthday and I feel terrible that we won't be celebrating it.  Last year we were on a cruise, although that brought a surprising opening up from hubby and a lot of tears.  He said today I am so happy that we have managed another birthday together - something I didn't feel was possible last year.  

When he took the dogs out for a walk this morning I dared load the Ct scan on the computer and have a look.  I can't read them like an expert but due to Dr Abtin explaining them many years ago I have a good idea what to look for.  I can see a tumour in the left that I can't remember being there before but overall the lungs look no different, growth seems slow, extremely slow.  I can't read the abdomen apart from knowing the light grey is fluid and boy do I have a lot.  This quick glance lifted me completely and I feel mentally stronger as I am sure things aren't that bad.  

Another meso sufferer is having similar problems with treatments.  Having had only 2 doses of alimta without results the oncologist has told them either alimta or nothing.  Please explain to me if it hasn't worked why put some one through the dreadful side effects for nothing instead of changing treatments.  We know there are two other chemo's out there available but seems these aren't an option.

I am noticing my memory is slipping again.  I was giving another sufferer names of specialists but I even forgot I had been to see Paul Taylor at Manchester.  Mind he wasn't that helpful at the time but he is still another option for some one seeking a second opinion.  

Mavis is going to bring the differences up about how treatments are and aren't offered around the country, at her next Lung meeting.  Considering there is a standard practise for treating meso no one area seems to adhere to it.  What is the point in wasting a load of money researching and publishing this report for it to be collecting dust on a specialists shelf.  

I wish it was Tuesday tomorrow as I am really struggling again with fat belly syndrome - my fear of it being drained is a few bad days of throwing the accumulated bile.  I will get back on top.

I have received info from the circle on drains that are fitted, I had hoped I don't need to do this as my body hates alien things inside of me, but maybe I will need this if I don't actually need chemo yet.

When I get back on the computer I will post a letter a long term meso fighter has received from the Canadian Government.  

So as Saturday will be another day on the sofa for me I hope the rest of you are making the most of it.

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