Rabu, 11 September 2013

Draining and Life

Yesterday was the day I had looked forward to for weeks, the relief of having my stomach drained and feeling human.  I didn't wake up feeling human and I was also petrified that there wasn't a bed for me on ward 14 at James Cook.
At 8.30 we got our answer, in the shower and off we went.  I was there early as they needed another blood test and then I was finally taken down to radiotherapy. 
Dr Dean once again started with little needle then bigger and boy did a few hurt as they proceeded to push their way through my abdomen to get to the fluid.  I really don't want to go through this again as it isn't pleasant.  We talked about the drains they leave in place but he was quite happy to drain again, maybe having the same thoughts that my fluid was caused by the flight.
The pigtail drain went in and out he started syringing one after the other of straw coloured liquid.  He hadn't read the scan (and I thought private was efficient!) and even if he does I get the feeling I don't get his reported results.
After an hour of syringing it was time to let the drain do its work so I was attached with a little bag for the fluid to accumulate in.  Back on to the ward and hubby went home. Dogs to look after etc.
The nurse who looked after my bay was a wonderful lady called Jayne, she was interested in ensuring her patients had the best treatment and were truly cared for.  Having retired she was back working part time and I think was probably what we would call the committed nurse.
The drain was uncomfortable at times, so I was encouraged to take morphine for breakthrough, something I wouldn't normally do but I wanted to ensure as much fluid came out as possible.  I found I had a good hour's sleep too.  My blood pressure was low, at one point down to 88 over 48 and I had to drink 2 litres of fluid straight off.
The drain was filling reasonably well and although my stomach hadn't gone down to looking like a normal stomach the fluid was moving out.  I told hubby I would probably be staying the night as the fluid was still coming when he rang to find out if I needed anything.
At 7.30 the drain seemed to stop, so I went for a walk and checked again, nothing further had come out.  At 8.15 the attempted drain removal started.  The pigtail again got tangled.  God I screamed  when they tried to rip it back out, it should slide out gently but this one didn't uncoil.  Jayne said she wasn't happy getting it out and off she went to find a doctor.  The pain just from moving it and it being coiled against my insides was painful.  Not something I wish to every experience again!  A doctor came and after more morphine, and some lidocaine was injected she tried, she saw that the wire and snagged and after trying to untangle it she decided it needed cutting.  God knows how she saw the wire to cut but I'm pleased she did.  That's 3 to date that haven't come out as they should.  I wonder if there are a faulty batch?
I had so many well wishes from the meso community I could have cried.  This morning I feel sore, both at the wound site and across the other side of my tummy.  I am still a very peculiar shape but thankfully in one piece.  I don't think I will be doing anything today, I was told I will crash either today or tomorrow due to lack of protein.  Hubby is going to go shopping today and has insisted I get Chris up to watch over me.  I feel like a child that needs babysitting!  I can understand his concern, 5.3 litres is a lot of fluid to have removed.
I also received some very sad news yesterday, Barry Gore took his wings and is now free of pain.  It is sad because his wife is now alone and he will be missed by his family greatly.  It is also sad that he had to have this cancer in the first place.  My thoughts are with them all.
Have a good day if possible, if on treatment I pray it goes ok.  

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